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Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor

On a quiet, sunny morning 74 years ago a single airplane dropped a single bomb vaporizing Hiroshima, Japan, introducing the world to atomic warfare. Three days later, a single bomb vaporized Nagasaki, demonstrating a willingness to continue destroying whole cities instantly.

No more cities have been vaporized since 1945, but every time an American administration declares to their opponent, “All options are on the table”, they are using atomic weapons exactly like a person who points a gun at you and says, “Do as I say or I’ll blow you away!”

Today, thousands of nuclear devices, hundreds of times more powerful, have proliferated around the world ready to be used on a moment’s notice. If even a few cities were incinerated as Hiroshima the whole world would darken in “Nuclear Winter”. There will be no winners in a nuclear war. It will be mutually assured destruction (M.A.D.), yet our government marches on, spending billions on weapons we can’t rationally use.

Only by God’s grace has the world been spared nuclear war, yet today, “All options are on the table!”. All patriots must come to the aide of their country, even the world. Call on our President to declare, “No Nuke First Use!”

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