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Osceola Travel Plaza modernized

Pictured are the modernized DEF and regular diesel pumps at the Osceola Travel Plaza.
Pictured are the modernized DEF and regular diesel pumps at the Osceola Travel Plaza.

The Osceola Travel Plaza recently underwent a remodel of it’s fuel islands and underground storage tank system.

The BP gas station is fueled by Elliot Oil Company, a family owned business out of Ottumwa. The BP building and fuel islands were built in 2000. With the pumps going on 20 years old Elliot Oil Company knew that it was time for a face lift and a modernized, more efficient fueling system.

Elliot Oil Company president and COO Andrew Woodard knew that this project would be a big investment.

“It’s important to invest in your business,” said Woodard. “It should be an attractive location for Interstate 35 travelers.”

The largest part of the project that caused the most disruption during construction was updating the fuel storage tanks underground and adding a bulk DEF tank underground. Diesel Exhaust Fluid is not readily available at pumps at every gas station but it is a necessity for semi trucks or other diesel vehicles build after 2010. DEF makes diesel fuel more environmentally friendly.

“We put in an all new high speed DEF fuel island,” said Woodard.

Buying DEF from the pump makes it half price for semi truck drivers compared to buying it by the jug.

The modernized pumps also have TV screens playing commercials and weather updates and offer E85 flex fuel gas.

The entire parking lot is going to be repaved and there is new signage for the store. The Osceola Travel Plaza now has a new LED price sign, with updated logo at the store location and the updated logo is on the Interstate 35 store advertisement as well.

Residents and travelers can now use the modernized, efficient and more environmentally friendly pumps. Woodard and the Elliot Oil Company is excited to have this project completed by the months end.

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