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Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor

Dear, Substitute Teacher:

Few realize that because of teacher absenteeism rates, one full year of a child’s K-12 education is taught by substitute teachers. More often than not, these are extraordinary individuals who are willing to take on the challenge of providing quality education when permanent teachers are out of the classroom.

I believe it is time we do something to recognize the efforts of substitute teachers. These are members of our own community filling a void in the education of our children that cannot be overlooked.

Clarke Community School District wants to publicly express our sincere gratitude and appreciation for our substitutes and all they do for our school district. There is no substitute for a great substitute. So, to all you awesome substitute teachers to ever grace a Clarke classroom, you are important! Your job is important! You perform a critical service for teachers, students and parents and you — of all educators — often get the least dignity of all teachers. You are treasured and from one educator to another — thank you for your service. For that type of individual — the substitute teacher who cares and does a brilliant job — there just is no substitute for you. You rock, and we appreciate you.

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