March 01, 2021

Gina’s Cakes available at Fareway

Gina Johnson of Gina’s Cakes will be selling various delectable treats at the local Osceola Fareway as of Feb. 1.

“I’m going to do cupcakes, some cut-out cookies and then I’ll do sticky pecan rolls and cinnamon rolls,” said Johnson.

Johnson knew of others who had sold home baked items through Fareway, so after asking Jeff DeForest, Fareway Manager, she was excited to be able to offer some of her own creations.

“I’m planning to do some Super Bowl cookies,” said Johnson about her Fareway debut. “That’ll be kind of fun.”

Johnson will be making her first delivery to Fareway 8 a.m. Feb. 1.

“The cinnamon rolls are best fresh, obviously, so I’m going to get up early, come do all that and have them ready for 8 a.m.” said Johnson.

Johnson worked at the Hy-Vee bakery some years ago and with it now gone she saw an opening in town to serve fresh bakery items.

“I’m excited. It’s opened a door for me,” said Johnson.

Johnson has also added hot beverage machines in her shop on the square at 130 S. Fillmore St.

“I have a spiced chai tea, a couple different flavors of cappuccino, coffee and hot chocolate,” said Johnson.

For four and a half years Gina’s Cakes has been on the square, mainly a call to order cake business. She has since expanded her skills into cupcakes, cut-out cookies, cinnamon and pecan rolls and even fudge over the holidays. She has also done banana bread and pumpkin bread for a customer.

“I’m trying to expand more,” said Johnson. “Not, probably, a full-fledged bakery but if people want something special they can call me.”

Johnson’s decorating career started 24 years ago when she worked at a Knoxville Dairy Queen. She also decorated at Hy-Vee for a few years. She has learned by trial and error and a lot of experience.

“Sometimes you make a not-so-pretty one before you learn how to do it,” said Johnson.

Johnson was at the Farmer’s Market on the square all summer. She also did a kids cookie decorating session after the lighted parade in December and has offered Do It Yourself Nights with adults decorating their own cookies. She participates in vendor fairs in town along with many Chamber Main Street downtown business promotions. She also donates to Clarke Community Schools.

To order any treats from Gina’s Cakes call Gina Johnson at 641-414-8585, email her at, or stop in at Gina’s Cakes at 130 S. Fillmore St. where her knew hot beverages are available.