May 27, 2022

Tom and John’s Auto Services and Repair to close Aug. 31

After 36 years in business together, Tom Patterson and John Page will be closing the doors of Tom and John’s Auto Repair Aug. 31.

Page is retiring this year so the property, owned together, will be divided up. Patterson will “have to find something to do” for a couple more years.

“I can’t really tell you what my plans are for sure,” said Patterson. “After that many years it’ll be hard to close.”

Each of their passions for cars started out in adolescence.

“Back when I was young I didn’t have any money. I bought a car that was a piece of junk, started working on it and here I am,” said Patterson.

“Dad, I guess, he bought me my first car. It was a cheap something or other. He said ‘If you break it you fix it,’ well I was a little hard on stuff,” said Page.

From there, they each had worked at various places with vehicles but ended up working together even before they owned a business together.

“We both worked around each other at the Ford dealer in town, and we’d been friends for a long time,” said Page.

While in business together for the past 36 years, the two have been a good team.

“Both of us do about the same thing. We used to do everything but body work, even put engines and transmissions in, but as we’ve gotten older we’ve quit putting engines and transmissions in,” said Patterson.

They have learned a lot and made many memories throughout their years in business. Patterson is thankful for all the people he’s met and the friendships he’s made.

The most memorable experience was opening shop in the first place.

“The most memorable thing was being brave enough to open our own business, because we started out with no customers,” said Patterson.

“There are lots of memories that stick with you through the years,” said Page.