May 18, 2024

Iowa’s pork industry

When it comes to Iowa’s pork industry, I firmly believe it is the backbone of our state. The pork industry plays an important role in Iowa, employing thousands of Iowans. Pork is one of the state’s biggest exports and farms help rural communities.

Agriculture, especially pork, is the core of many Iowa communities. Our cities and towns benefit when there is a big agricultural investment in the area. These investments create business in town and give jobs to many who need them.

Pork producers are also known to give back to the local community with charity work and donations. Although our state is a farming powerhouse, many families go hungry or can’t afford food. The pork industry is working to help by providing food and jobs for those in the community that need it. Between the jobs the pork industry creates and its charity efforts, I’d say pork has been good for our state. I hope we continue to see the pork industry thrive. If the industry does well, Iowa does well.