September 28, 2021

Radio station airs


KSOI, 91.9 FM radio is now on the air with a mission of serving south-central Iowa.

The station, which was launched by Grand River Valley Radio President Joe Hynek, went live about a week and a-half ago. Hynek has been working to bring a station back to Clarke County for several years after a local commercial station was sold to Iowa Public Radio in 2004 and became a translator station. The station will serve south-central Iowa and is expected to reach Clarke, Decatur, Union and Ringgold counties, as well as the areas along Interstate 35 between Des Moines, Osceola and areas further south. The station’s tower is located in Arispe.

Hynek has talked to local people about providing weekly programming including Osceola Police Chief Marty Duffus and Osceola City Administrator-Clerk Ty Wheeler. A methodist minister, will be doing a Sunday morning program.

A folk band will be performing live at the Murray-based radio station in September. The performance will be open to the public.

Hynek said his father Bill plans to have a gospel camp meeting show on Sundays. The Hynek family, who has its own singing group, will also provide some programming.

“We’re going to integrate our music into the mix, too,” he said.

The radio station board is also working on developing a conservation program to discuss hunting, fishing, wildlife and conservation activities.

The station is seeking the community’s input on programming and shows, as well as ways to help the community through radio.

“We’re open to ideas,” said Hynek. “It’s a community station so we’ve got a lot of flexibility.”

Still needed

Hynek is still seeking a programming manager who would be responsible for the “sound” or programming format of the station, including music, news and community-based/diversity programming.

The station is also in need of an underwriter (similar to a sales manager) who would sell sponsorships. There are also several volunteer opportunities.

Hynek said the station plays a wide variety of music to satisfy all musical tastes. He is seeking donations of music CDs that will be burned to a computer to be put into playlists.

A community advisory committee will be started at a future date. The committee will be in charge of monitoring the programming to make sure station staff and volunteers are staying on track as far as meeting the community’s needs.

“For now, we’re still figuring out our technology and getting that initial programming started,” said Hynek.

Donations are also needed to support the nonprofit station.

For more information, visit or search for 91.9 FM KSOI Southern Iowa Community Radio on Facebook.