September 28, 2021

Real estate transactions

The following real estate transactions were filed in the office of Clarke County Recorder Pennie Gonseth. The price is an estimate based on transfer stamps needed at the rate of 80-cents per $500 of transaction. If no price is listed, the transaction was less than $500 or no money was involved in the transaction at this time.

Julie Jones warranty deed to Roy Kline III and Roy Kline Jr. for 803 Sherman St. in Woodburn, $3,000.

Roy Kline III and Roy Kline Jr. court officer deed to Roy Kline III for 803 Sherman St. in Woodburn.

William Foreman and Sarah Foreman warranty deed to Jeffrey Templeton and Victoria Templeton for 1912 Shore St. in Truro, $295,000.

Wanda Harper and Steven Harper quit claim deed to Wanda Harper and Steven Harper for a parcel in the SW1/4SE1/4 of Section 24 in Ward Township.

Housing and Urban Development Secy. quit claim deed to National City Mortgage for a tract in the NW1/4 of Section 20 in Osceola Township.

Daylon Kimball and Sheila Kimball real estate contract to Steven Langille for 820 Lyon St. in Murray, $80,000.

Citimortgage Inc. warranty deed to Curt Borcherding and Lorissa Borcherding for 628 S. Jackson in Osceola, $106,500.

Ronald Gaumer and Laura Gaumer real estate contract to Robert Hester for 1058 Harken Hills Dr. in Osceola, $248,000.

Mildred Chew real estate contract to Cory Chew and Angela Chew for 1558 Farm Lane in Muuray, $96,000.

Jared Criss warranty deed to Alma Rodriguez for 406 E. Clay St. in Osceola, $56,000.

Kevin Bishop and Amy Bishop warranty deed to Ann March for 810 E. Clay St. in Osceola, $132,500.

Linda Reynolds warranty deed to Leslie Keller for 230 E. Grant in Osceola, $40,000.

IMYS Boys Condo and Don McHose real estate contract to Juan Menjivar and Maria Menjivar for 130 W. McLane in Osceola, $55,000.

Sean Bansley and Carol Bansley warranty deed to Tommy Newton and Jacqueline Newton for 2647 Mormon Trail in Weldon, $4,000.

Marie Davis and Ronald Seaton warranty deed to Red Haw Inc. for the E1/2SE1/4 of Section 19 and part of the W1/2SW1/4 of Section 20, all in Jackson Township, $290,000.

Georgia Yearington, Michael Yearington, Karla Yearington, Kevin Yearington, Jody Gray, Gary Gray Jr., Shawn Yearington and Erin Yearington warranty deed to Kevin Yearington for part of McDonald's Addition to Osceola, $75,000.

Nancy Hoffman warranty deed to Cris Hansen for the SE1/4SW1/4SW1/4SE1/4 of Section 9 in Liberty Township, $148,000.

Sandra Mateer and Craig Mateer warranty deed to Hershel Sims and Beverly Sims for 120 S. Vale in Osceola, $32,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association warranty deed to Julie Jones for 301 E. Fayette St. in Osceola, $75,000.

Steve Moulton and Beverly Moulton warranty deed to JBIC LLC for 1105 Elk St. in Murray, $68,000.

Beverly Smith warranty deed to Duane Smith and Tena Smith for part of the NE1/4NE1/4 of Section 27 and part of the NW1/4NE1/4 of Section 27, all in Jackson Township.

Sara Miller and Joshua Miller quit claim deed to Nancy McGinn for the N1/2 of the East 134 feet of part of the original town of Osceola.