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Unbound by Stuart Woods

Stuart Woods is the number one best selling author according to the New York Times. Unbound is only one of a series of books written by Woods called “A Stone Barrington Novel”.

Stone Barrington is a friend with a film producer by the name of Billy Barnett, also known as Teddy Fay by some friends. When his wife is run down by a drunken woman, he decides to hit the road. Grief drives him to call Stone to get his advice. He sounds very despressed to Stone and may be suicidal making Stone worry about him. During his drive, Billy is watching a man walking down the street that he thinks he recognizes. A second man is following him and he sees the man may be carrying a knife or other weapon, so he calls the man’s name who was following saving his life.

In Billy’s travels, he finds himself in some very disturbing circumstances. He goes under cover to work for a man who is shooting a western movie. This man is the husband of his wife’s killer. Is Billy taking the job thinking of a little revenge or just for something to help him with his grief? Dax Baxter, the movie producer becomes suspicious of Billy and hires a Russian killer to kill him. Someone in the group of movie actors informs Billy that they had overheard Dax wanting to do Billy harm. Billy is ready with a very sharp knife, sliving the killer’s leg just below his right butt cheek. Blook is flowing very heavily and Billy tells the Russian to hurry to the hospital before he bleeds to death. Several other people are hired to kill Billy, but they all fail. Billy finds time to plot the death of Dax without leading the police to him.

Read this book to find out how many people die before Billy takes out Dax. Billy’s wife’s death is finally avenged. Isn’t revenge great!

If you read this book and would like to write a review, submit it to Aric Bishop at the Osceola Public Library.

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