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Murray FFA soil health buckets

The Murray FFA has begun to sell Soil Health Buckets once again. The NRCS provided feedback on the buckets, ways in which to improve the tools in the buckets and guided the concept of a replacement list which would allow customers to order replacement tools within the bucket. The bucket is complete with simple tools that can make a big impact on soil health improvement. The Murray FFA would like to especially thank Gilbert’s True Value for donating the five-gallon buckets that are used for storage and shipment of the tools. The Soil Health Bucket was recognized in the February issue of the Progressive Farmer. Since then, farmers and people serving agricultural and plant-related fields have called with interest in purchasing a bucket. One soil health bucket was taken to Togo, Africa on a mission trip; the chapter has yet to hear the success of the tools in the bucket. Interest has come from all over the country: Nebraska, Tennessee, North Carolina, Minnesota, many Iowa locations, Kansas, Missouri. There is currently potential for the health buckets to be sent to Alberta, Canada for a soil research station! A field day is planned where the local NRCS will demonstrate the use of the tools in the bucket for students and interested farmers. Anyone interested in attending the field day or wanting to inquire about a Soil Health Bucket, please contact Taylor Clark at tclark@murraycsd.org

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