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Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor

We were in the tour bus group of 45 who found shelter at the Lakeside Casino after our bus had been stuck for hours along Interstate 35. We can’t say enough about how wonderful the Osceola community was to us and many others who were rescued from their cars that night! The Casino was so generous in providing not only shelter in their large meeting rooms, but food, beverages and bedding!

Your community can also be very proud of Byron Jimmerson and the Clarke Co. Community Emergency Response Team volunteers and Fire Fighters! They took charge of a very difficult situation with skill and great kindness. Somehow they rounded up cots for more than 80 people and more food donated by the community throughout the evening and next morning. We watched them welcome families who had been rescued from their vehicles, kindly take their names and ask where their cars were stuck so they would help them get back there in the morning. The EMTs from the Fire Dept. were there to help with any health issues. They provided charging strips for our cell phones and cell phones for those who didn’t have a way to communicate with their families. They also gave us periodic updates on road conditions until it was finally safe on Monday morning to continue on our trip. I truly believe God used the special people of the Osceola community to save lives that night. We are Iowa natives so we know about “Iowa Nice,” but this was “Iowa Extraordinary!” Thank you for turning a difficult situation into an unforgettable memory of kindness! 

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