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Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

I’ll be very thankful if the farmer’s soybeans don’t rot in big piles this winter AND if the Mueller Investigation is completed without interference AND if US support for a war killing thousands of children in Yemen is ended AND if refugees are welcomed from countries where the US has had a role in creating misery and violence--but chances don’t look good that ANY of these things will happen.

In fact, Iowa’s Senators and newly minted, US Attorney General, seem to consider it their responsibility to assist the president in politicizing the Justice Branch, starting with the Supreme Court, the federal judges and FBI enforcement, in trampling the Constitution to enrich himself, and finally, making the US Army a campaign stunt by guarding the border against destitute men, women and children.

Emboldened by the supine Republican Congress, fearing the end of his Cart Blanch Reign, dreading Mueller’s Special Council report, between now and Congress’s next session in January, Trump is preparing to make his move to destroy the Constitution and demonstrate that he is, indeed, above the Law. When this happens, all citizens who believe in the Rule of Law for All, including this pseudo president, must resist business as usual.

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