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Letter to editor

Families in Iowa and across the country struggle to afford high-quality child care. On average, care costs from $9,00 a year, per child. Families need a comprehensive child care bill that will reduce costs, improve quality, and ensure that child care providers can earn a living wage. The good news is a bill already exists: the Child Care for Working Families Act.

It was introduced last September, and I urge Congressman Dave Loebsack to support it.

This important legislation:

* Caps child care costs for low-income and middle-income families to 7 percent of a household’s income;

* Supports universal access to high-quality preschool programs;

* Increases compensation for the child care providers; and

* Improves the quality of child care by ensuring that funding is available to enable providers to maintain high standards.

I urge Congressman Loebsack to help children and families in Iowa and around the country by co-sponsoring this bill.

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