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SCICF awards over $19,900 to non-profit organizations

A total of eight grants were awarded in Clarke County on Monday night in Murray at Mallory Park

1. City of Murray

$4,450 to update electrical facilities at Mallory Park

2. Clarke County Emergency Management

$2,000 to purchase a drone for the county

3. Osceola Parks & Rec (City of Osceola)

$1,500 to replace outdated volleyball system in Jr. High gym

4. Murray Community School Foundation

$3,000 for matching grant to grow endowment

5. Clarke County Animal Shelter

$2,500 to replace outdoor kennels at the facility

6. City of Murray (Murray Rec. Committee)

$2,000 to purchase a 12X16 shed for baseball/softball storage at the ball field

7. Murray Community School

$3,000 to improve building security

8. Clarke County Sheriff’s Office

$1,500 to provide rifle rated body armor and suppressors to deputies

For more information about SCICF, contact Stacy at the foundation office at 641-217-9105 for more information or visit www.scicf.org.

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