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Animals in vehicles during warmer weather

Summer. It’s here and with a vengeance. While we, or at least most of us, enjoy the warmer weather. And, for the most part, our pets enjoy it too. However, remember our four legged family members can quickly become overheated especially when they travel with us in our vehicles.

We frequently see people travelling with furry family members. And we frequently see those folks stop for their pets to drink, eat, get a little exercise and other things. However, we also frequently get calls and see animals left in cars in extremely hot parking lots.

Concrete and asphalt both absorb heat and radiate it back. The glass that is in your car intensifies sunshine as heat as well. Remember in school during science class the “greenhouse” effect was discussed? That is the exact principle that is in play with automobile glass and the interior of your car. Interestingly enough, the privacy glass that is in many of today’s automobiles doesn’t greatly reduce the heat inside the vehicle. The reason, of course, is that we cannot tint all the windows in a vehicle. Therefore, the heat is still intensified by the non-tinted windows.

There has been some research done by the American Veterinarian Medicine Association who has prepared a table consisting of outside temperature, time in the enclosed car and temperature increases. As you can see it doesn’t take long even at 70 degrees, which for many of us is a comfortable temperature, to increase too dangerous if not lethal temps. Their research also suggests that “cracking” the window does little to mitigate the excessive heat inside the vehicle.

Other than travelling many people take their animals as they run errands in town. These temperatures and time frames apply there as well if not even more. Your car doesn’t run as long with errands as it does with travelling thus, your air conditioner doesn’t get a chance to cool the car for your pet. A good suggestion is to not take your pet, leave it in your air-conditioned home, to run errands as many, many stores don’t allow them anyway.

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