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Clarke tennis splits with Saydel

Girls sweep Saydel as boys fall on the road

Only one of Clarke’s matches in its home opening tennis dual with Saydel last Thursday was even closely contested, as the Lady Indians shook off the winter rust with a 9-0 sweep.

The closest match was the first doubles match featuring the pairing of Sidney Sickels and Megan Linskens pitted against Katie Schmidt and Darian Garcia, which Clarke won 8-6.

Sickels, Linskens and Meredyth Olson all won 8-0 in singles.

Sickels and Linskens in particular stayed on the offensive and executed their ground games effectively to keep their opponents on their heels. Sickels noted that the Lady Indians defenitely needed some repetitions to get in the swing of things, and that early nerves slowed some of the girls dow, her included.

“Once you work it off you’re fine. We come out here and we hit so much, it’s second nature,” Sickels said.

Winning 8-1 in singles were Brittany Beckett, Deseree Stubbe & CeJay Blakely.

Stubbe and Blakely won their No. 2 doubles match 8-1 while Olson and Beckett won their doubles match 8-0.

Clarke girls assistant coach Christa Subbert was pleased with the way the girls quickly adjusted to real time competition.

SAYDEL — Number six singles player Ryan Bobolz and the first singles duo of Zach Smith and Sam Reynoldson picked up the two victories in a 7-2 team defeat at the hands of Saydel last Thursday.

Bobolz won 8-3 over Dylan Walker, while Reynoldson and Smith defeated the same two that defeated them in singles competition, Pete Walkwitz and Dalton Silver. Smith and Reynoldson won 8-0.


Girls: Clarke 9, Saydel 0

Singles — Sydney Sickels, Clarke, def. Katie Schmidt, Saydel, 8-0; Megan Linskens, Clarke, def. Darian Garcia Saydel, 8-0; Brittany Beckett, Clarke, def. Kearra Adams, Saydel, 8-1; Deseree Stubbe, Clarke, def. Claire Kayser, Saydel, 8-1; CeJay Blakely, Clarke, def. Katie Plasencia, Saydel, 8-1; Meredyth Olson, Clarke, def. Reily Aagesen, Saydel 8-0.

Doubles — Sydney Sickels/Megan Linskens, Clarke, def. Katie Schmidt/Darian Garcia 8-6; Deseree Stubbe/CeJay Blakely, Clarke, def. Kearra Abrahams/Claire Kayser, Saydel, 8-1; Brittany Beckett/Meredyth Olson, Clarke, def. Katie Plasenscia/Riley Aageson, Saydel, 8-0.

Saydel 7, Clarke 2

Singles — Dalton Silver, Saydel, def. Sam Reynoldson, Clarke, 8-2; Peter Walkwitz,

Saydel, def. Zach Smith, 8-1; Zach Bobenhouse, Saydel, def. Brandon Chavez, Clarke, 8-1; Lucas Graham, Saydel, def. Nathan Porter, Clarke, 8-2; Ray Gist, Saydel, def. Timber Kent, Clarke, 8-3; Ryan Bobolez, Clarke, def. Dylan Walker, Saydel, 8-3.

Doubles — Sam Reynoldson/Zach Smith, Clarke, def. Dalton Silver/Peter Walkwitz 8-0; Zach Bobenhouse/Ray Gist, Saydel def. Brandon Chavez/Nathan Porter, Clarke, 8-3; Lucas Graham/Mikel Nuzum, Saydel, def. Timber Kent/Ryan Bobolz, Clarke 8-4.

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