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Elementary Band Solo and Ensemble Festival

The Clarke fifth and sixth grade band members participated in a Solo and Ensemble Festival on March 27 at the Clarke Elementary. The students showed wonderful musicianship and leadership qualities. The students had forty-eight entries. Out of those entries there were 19 I+ ratings (outstanding), 26 I ratings (superior), and three II ratings (excellent). The judges were Mike Peters from Creston High School and Rachel McCoy from Osceola. They selected students for the outstanding performers in fifth and sixth grade. In Center 1, the outstanding performers for 5 grade were Moyra Hicks for her clarinet solo and Amy Morales for her flute solo. In Center 2, the outstanding performers for 5 grade were Amy Morales and Monika Rios for their flute duet and Cole Savage for his snare drum solo. In Center 1, the outstanding performers for 6 grade were Ashlin Hardy for her oboe solo and Cole White for his trumpet solo. In Center 2, the outstanding performers for 6 grade were Tory Henry for her snare drum solo and Lila Jones and Ashlin Hardy for their flute/oboe duet.

Additional results:

I+ Ratings:

Amy Morales- Flute Solo, Moyra Hicks-Clarinet Solo, Ashlin Hardy-Oboe Solo, Lucas Danley and DeVante Caldwell-Trombone Duet, Blake Foote and Chris Crisman- Clarinet Duet, Akash Robinson- Snare Drum Solo, Cole Savage- Snare Drum Solo, Cole Savage and Adilynn Cline- Percussion Duet,Jesus Vega- Snare Drum Solo, Kelsey Haltom and Morgan Fisher- Alto Saxophone Duet,Amy Morales and Monika Rios- Flute Duet, Eli Fry- Snare Drum Duet, Ashlynn Crawford- Snare Drum Solo, Tory Henry- Snare Drum Solo, Ali Henry- Snare Drum Solo, Ali Henry, Tory Henry, and Ashlynn Crawford- Percussion Trio, Veronica Banuelos and Brenda Hernandez- Clarinet Duet, Lila Jones and Ashlin Hardy- Flute/Oboe Duet, Hannah Russo- Snare Drum Solo


Genesis Cowling- Flute Solo, Cooper Bahls- Trumpet Solo, Savanah Henderson- Baritone Solo, Kierstin Smith- Trombone Solo, Marquaize Coughran- Sawmill Creek, Monika Rios-Flute Solo, Andrew McAtee- Trumpet Solo, Alicia Glenn-Alto Saxophone Solo, Alyssa Rater- Clarinet Solo, Veronica Banuelos- Clarinet Solo, Brenda Hernandez- Clarinet Solo, Ava Hagen- Flute Solo, Lila Jones- Flute Solo, Rili Houge- Clarinet Solo, Kaydence Siegwarth- Trumpet Solo, Cejay Kent- Clarinet Solo, Cole White- Trumpet Solo, Emma Henderickson and Alyssa Kent- Trumpet Duet, Nathan Allard and Jack Schlichte-Trombone/Baritone Duet, Claire Jacobson and Sidney Benda- Trumpet Duet, Cole Binning-Snare Drum Solo, Marissa Bakley and Bryce Johnson- Alto Saxophone Duet, Ava Hagen and Aretzy Herrera- Flute Duet, Aleena Fry and Lauren Mumaw- Trumpet Duet, Moyra Hicks and Lily Eggman- Clarinet Duet, Clayton Abbas and Montana Morgan- Trumpet Duet

II Ratings:

Brody Feehan- Trombone Solo, Jake Pontier- Baritone Solo, Aretzy Herrera- Flute Solo

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