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Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

I am writing to you in support of an upcoming bond issue for the Clarke Community School District. The district is planning for the future, for our district and for our community. I am committed to the next generation and I support a YES vote on Tuesday, April 3, 2018. I have children in the school district past and present as well as a supporter and volunteer to Clarke schools and our community.

For our district: Our elected school board members have a proposed plan to add a new bus barn (to alleviate rental costs), create fully accessible (ADA compliant) facilities, increase instruction spaces, relieve overcrowding at the elementary school, provide separate entrances for middle and high schools, maximize resources by relocating 6th grade to adapt current educational & curriculum model, reduce traffic congestion while adding additional parking spaces at the middle school/high school campus.

For our community: School facilities are vital tools in retaining and attracting new families into our town as well as creating a partnership with the community to focus on the future impact and development of our community. Clarke school students, staff, and faculty thrive when supported by their community and their neighbors.

The time is now to help support our school with the historically low interest rates our elected school board members are able to maximize the $13 million bond to provide these needed additions, renovations, site improvements and new bus barn. By VOTING YES our taxes will stay the same and will not increase through the judicious planning of our elected school board members.

About the ballot: The ballot will have two Public Measures. The first will be...

Public Measure A – Physical Plant Equipment Levy (PPEL) which state law regulates these funds to only be used to, sustain, equip and improve schools. PPEL funds cannot be used for salaries, textbooks, etc. This levy is available for renewal every 10 years and this is what has caused a special election to happen. I support a VOTE YES so our district can continue to use these monies to support our district. The second will be Public Measure B – General Obligation Bond (GO Bond) this is the $13 million general obligation bond which is a method of long-term financing that a school district may use to borrow money for constructions projects. I support a YES vote to both public measures. Please view comprehensive district plans @ www.bondissue.org/clarke.

I invite our community to attend one of the many public information sessions that have been planned to inform our community and help answer questions. The next public information session is March 22, 2018 5:00 pm at LifePoint Assembly of God, 801 N Fillmore St, Osceola, IA and on March 29, 2018 there is a Board Member Q&A session scheduled at the High School Library starting at 7:00 pm. Please acquire the knowledge needed so you are able to make a difference to our community and school district. I enthusiastically support a YES vote for both Public Measures and invite you to join me.

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