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Valentines Day done local

What it takes to put on Valentines sales and events for downtown businesses

Events and sales for Valentines Day are being put on by major retailers and chain stores all across the county, constantly advertising on TV and radio. The quieter local shops advertise on Facebook and local papers like the Advertiser for their sales and events.

The week of Valentines Day will have local businesses busier than cupid, and many owners wishing they had cupid’s wings to fly around from task to task.

Many of the shops in downtown Osceola are having sales and events for the day of love. Mayberry’s Coffee House, Flowers ‘N More and Your Sweet Pickin’s Boutique are just a few that have come up with ideas to give the people of Osceola a local place to go to celebrate Valentines Day with a loved one.

Mayberry’s Coffee House is hosting a dinner 7 p.m. Saturday Feb. 10 called An Evening at Mayberry’s. Reservations are required, and costs $32 plus tax. The space can seat 30 and there are a few spots left. To make a reservation call the shop at 641-223-8175.

The menu includes the choice of prime rib or chicken cordon bleu, a baked potato, seasoned green beans, a green salad with Mandarin oranges and candied walnuts, a homemade roll and the choice of white stone pie or chocolate strawberry cheesecake for dessert.

Bruce Harris will be the entertainment for the evening.

The planning process began in January when the menu was set and the meat orders were placed.

“We wanted to give people a chance to do something locally, not have to drive to Des Moines, but have a really fun evening right here in town,” said Molly Crawford, owner of Mayberry’s Coffee House.

The event is for local people by local people and has been advertised on the businesses Facebook page.

“You’ll know a lot of people that are here, and that just makes it more fun,” said Crawford. “Even though you’re not necessarily sharing a table with them, you’re still being social and you get to see your neighbors and your friends.”

From new events a new businesses to tried and true retailers like Flowers ‘N More, the downtown is sure to be catering to the Valentines needs of the community.

Flowers ‘N More is having its in store feature sale like every year, with four main flower arrangements to chose form.

The planning for Valentines Day began even before 2018 rolled around. Early bird orders were put in for certain items in November. The rest of the ordering was done in January, as well as planning for staff and vehicles for the day of the 14th.

The sales have been advertised on the businesses Facebook page and in the Advertiser.

Weather permitting, the shop is expecting a good year for Valentines Day sales.

Valentines Day at Flowers ‘N More has had many years of experience to tweak things so everything can run smoothly.

“I call it controlled chaos,” said Ronda Audlehelm, owner of Flowers ‘N More. “The phone is constantly ringing, we’ve got extra people on the floor and the phone. We’ll have four vehicles on the road, the day of, doing deliveries. We’ve got somebody that manages the delivery process, two people doing that.”

It takes a whole team to make the day happen and go well.

“We’ll have 13 or 14 people working to make it all happen. We try to be prepared and really want everything to go well and everybody to be happy,” said Audlehelm.

Another business from downtown will be on the road Valentines Day. Your Sweet Pickin’s Boutique is taking an unconventional rout to reach customers.

On the 14th Robin Linskens, owner of Your Sweet Pickin’s Boutique, will be delivering store items from sweetheart to sweetheart anywhere within city limits.

Order forms are available in store to fill out. Linskens advertised the Valentines Day delivery service on the businesses Facebook page. Two others will be manning the store Valentines Day to provide in store service to any costumers who chose to come in and shop.

The idea to be a unique boutique came to Linskens while brainstorming Valentines sale ideas just over a week ago.

“It really just boils down to customer service,” said Linskens. “Our goal is to make them [customers] feel pretty special when they come in.”

Shopping local isn’t just for Small Business Saturday in November. All local businesses work hard to earn local dollars and local support.

“It’s wonderful when people chose to spend their money locally,” said Crawford.

“If people will take the time to search a brick and mortar shop out, then they can call there or place an order on that website and you’ll get much better service and you’ll get a lot more for your money,” said Audlehelm.

“I feel, shopping locally, you get a better shopping experience,” said Linskens. “I think it’s a win win.”

Every local business puts a lot of forethought into their sales and events. A lot of man hours go into making the day of sales and events go well. A lot of love goes in to making Valentines Day in Osceola special.

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