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Theresa Ann Kasper, 50, of Weldon was cited for failure to provide financial liability after an accident 5:38 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 11, at the intersection of Southwest Boulevard and U.S. Highway 34.

Kasper, driving a 2001 Mercury, was at a stop sign waiting for another driver, Sheena Marie Chipp, 34, of Chariton, driving a 2011 Lincoln, to turn onto Highway 34. Kasper told officers she looked toward the sun and thought she saw Chipp drive away in her peripheral vision. Unfortunately, Chipp had simply moved forward, and Kasper ran into her back bumper.

Damage estimate is $0 to Kasper’s vehicle and $800 to Chipp’s vehicle.


Leona Joanne Nugent, 62, of Seymour was cited for failure to have a valid license after an accident 3:54 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 11, at the intersection of Warren Avenue and McLane Street.

Connie Kay Mack, 65, of Murray, driving a 2009 Ford, was headed east on McLane Street, waiting at the stoplight to turn left onto Warren Avenue. She did not see anyone traveling west through the intersection and made a left turn in front of Nugent, driving a 2002 Ford west on McLane Street, who struck the back passenger bumper of Mack’s vehicle.

Damage estimates are $1,000 to Mack’s vehicle and $2,500 to Nugent’s vehicle.


No citations were issued after an accident 1:55 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 7, in the Hy-Vee parking lot.

Mary Ann Irving, 80, of Lucas, driving a 2004 Ford, and Susan Ruth Sarnowski, 67, of Osceola, driving a 2008 Dodge, backed out of their parking stalls at the same time and collided. Both parties said there was previous damage to their vehicles not related to this accident.

Damage estimate is $300 to Irving’s vehicle and $600 to Sarnowski’s vehicle.


Laura Sue Radford, 34, of Osceola was cited for failure to carry insurance after an accident Tuesday, Oct. 3, at the intersection of West Cass Street and South Main Street.

James Allen Cartwright, 88, of Osceola was driving a 2002 Ford east on Cass Street. He stopped at the sign before crossing South Main Street and did not see a 1994 Jeep driven by Radford. Cartwright proceeded through the intersection and the cars collided.

Damage estimate is $1,500 to Cartwright’s vehicle and $4,000 to Radford’s vehicle.

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