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Susan E Aschenbrenner Revocable Trust Warranty Deed to State of Iowa and Department of Natural Resources,Township 72, Range 26, Section 10, $496,000.00
Norma J Lewis Estate Court Officer Deed to Kenneth L Nelson, East Osceola Addition, Block 13, Lot 4, $110,000.00
Robert P Cutshall Warranty Deed to Brian L and Melinda J Oswald, Township 72, Range 25, Section 5, $319,000.00
Clarke County Sheriff, Elizabeth and Shane Simpson and CitiFinancial Servicing LLC, Court Officer Deed to US Bank NA Successor Trustee, Original Osceola, Block 21, Lot 6, $57,600.00
Steven M and Rachel Paulus Warranty Deed to Donald M and Linda M Walrad, Ridgeways Addition, Block 1, Lot 14, $55,175.00
Betty R Newcomb Warranty Deed to Nicholus W and Stephanie N Scott, Township 72, Range 25, Section 19, $115,000.00
Larry F Rohr Warranty Deed to Joseph Wood, Original Murray, Block 5, Lots 3 & 6, $1,000.00
Ronald E and Laura S Gaumer Warranty Deed to Pedro Martinez Hernandez and Aurora Berenice Andrade, Howes Addition, Block 2, Lots 7 & 8, $95,000.00
Jodi D Couchman Warranty Deed to Steven and Rachel Paulus, West Osceola Addition, Block 2, Lot 7, $104,000.00
Benjamin R and Kathleen R Werner Warranty Deed to Jonnie A and Rosalee A Driskill, Mallory’s West Addition, Block 4, Lots 9 & 12, $71,000.00
CMF Irrevocable Trust Warranty Deed to Justin Lee Bever, Township 73, Range 25, Section 17, $290,000.00
Eldon Craig and Bonnie L Stephenson Warranty Deed to Ivanna D Smith, Teresa M Watkins and Anita R Dierker, McBroom Addition, Lot 9,$174,900.00
Beatrice IIams McCarl and Mitchell H McCarl Warranty Deed to Canyon Creek Farms LLC, Township 73, Range 26, Section 30, $448,000.00
CMF Irrevocable Trust Warranty Deed to Barry Henrichs, Township 73, Range 25, Section 17, $210,000.00
Heloise Frame Estate Court Officer Deed to Michael L Freed Family Trust, Township 72, Range 25, Sections 15 & 16, $58,500.00
Interstate Enterprises LTD Warranty Deed to Peter C and Cynthia J Woltz, Original Osceola, Block 23, Lots 5 & 8, $250,000.00
Kasandra D Hildreth and Peter W Wasson Warranty Deed to Austin B Phillips, Township 71, Range 24, Section 5, $70,000.00
Bradley L and Cheryl J Hansen Warranty Deed to Your Sweet Pickins LLC, Original Osceola, Block 7, Lot 8, $90,000.00
James Portfield and et al Warranty Deed to Marie M Castro Castro, Township 72, Range 25, Section 20, $90,000.00
Real Estate Opportunities LLC Warranty Deed to Joseph W Matthews, Township 73, Range 26, Section 12, $85,000.00
Beau Jensen LLC Warranty Deed to PRKG 941 LLC, Township 73, Range 24, Section 6, $273,750.00
Nicole Brooks Warranty deed to Richard and Teresa Steil, Sigler’s Addition, Lot 40, $24,000.00
Canyon Creek Farms LLC Warranty Deed to Scott Sullivan and Joshua M Hofbauer, Township 73, Range 26, Section 30, $130,000.00
JD Properties LLC Warranty Deed to Harry Twombley, North East Osceola Addition, Block 1, Lots 3 & 4, $30,000.00
Carolyn Hope Phillips Warranty Deed to Patrick and Kristin Flaherty, Original Murray, Block 33, Lots 3 & 6, $83,000.00
Jesse D Finch Warranty Deed to Cory J Schaff, Township 73, Range 25, Sections 30 & 31, $30,000.00
Penick Electric LLC Warranty Deed to Justin R Sheets, Township 72, Range 25, Section 18, $180,000.00
Theodore John and Kathleen Mary Nowakowski Warranty Deed to Benjamin R and Kathleen R Werner, Original Murray, Block 9, Lots 5, 8 & 9, $108,000.00
Ricky D Jr and Amanda M Kimmel Warranty Deed to Randi L and Shawn A Johnson, Original Osceola, Block 2, Lot 7, $82,000.00

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