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Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor

Saturday, I was in Murray and found gas at the Casey’s was 2.49 for quite some time. I’ve been told that the cost at the different stations include the cost of transportation from the distribution center in Des Moines.

Since Murray is father from Des Moines than Osceola, I began to wonder why is Murray’s cost per gallon lower than Osceola’s?

Today (Sunday) cost for gas at Afton is 2.39 per gallon. Creaton 2.39 at Casey’s.

It looks like the cost of living here in Osceola is and has been substantially higher than Murray, Afton and Creston.

I also find it strange how gas prices go up 10 or 15 cents per gallon on price increases, but when gas prices fall it’s only 4 to 7 cents per gallon. Why?

P.S. Gas Monday is still 2.59 in Osceola

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