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Running at the Iowa Senior Games

Editor's note: Betty Ogbourne of Osceola competed at the Iowa Senior Games Saturday, June 24. She took first place in the 100-meter dash with a time of 41.67 seconds.

I’m 93.

My older brother and sister would have said it was from chasing me all over the farm (in a motherless home) to get me to work. That’s how I learned to run. The only competition I was in (running) before this one was probably sack races and such at the annual Grand River Reunion in the ‘30s.

After I ran at the Iowa Games, I wrote my 96-year old sister in California.

“I brought home the gold.”

Never mind it was by default because no one ran against me (90-94 age group), but then who was there to run against me?

I was unable to run for five weeks after May 12 when I ran in the altitude of Colorado. Not running slowed me down a bit. Before that I was running five to six days a week.

There are few flat places in northwest Osceola, so it was mostly up grade or down grade, concrete or grass. Lots of days I didn’t feel like it or wanted to walk, but I always found I could do more than I thought I could. Whatever the weather, except extreme heat or ice, I would get out.

I broke my hip in 2013 from carelessness, but with modern science, it healed quickly and well.

Three of my children, Pat, Bill, and Mary, and their spouses, Karen and Diane, five of my grandchildren and five of my great-grandchildren and friends supported me enthusiastically at the race.

Two of my great-grandchildren competed successfully at the Iowa Games in years past, so I’m thinking “I could do that,” so I started practicing.

I practice yoga daily. I eat spinach and anti-oxidants. I garden, mow, swim. I read a lot. I rest a lot. I enjoy my family and friends and try to maintain a positive attitude. I am grateful for all I have been given.

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