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Monster Truck, Rated PG

If you’ve been waiting for a children’s movie to buck the trend of parent pleasing and offer no apologies on being geared toward kids, sprint to the theater with your little ones to catch this flick. Just don’t expect anyone 10 or older to truly appreciate it.

Missing the somewhat off-color jokes of today’s Disney films, this crazy sci-fi caper harkens back to family movies from the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. Like “Mac and Me” and “Harry and the Hendersons,” the story is going to sound absurd from an adult — or tween/teen — perspective.

Lucas Till plays Tripp, a senior in high school stifled by his hometown and yearning for adventure in the form of a four-wheel drive truck capable of handling any obstacle that lands in his way. He’s so determined, he goes about making one of his own with spare parts from cars at the scrapyard.

What’s strange about “Monster Trucks” is it plays on the horrors of environmental disasters while promoting the fun and freedom of super-sized gas guzzlers. In true sci-fi style, an oil spill drives a mysterious creature out of the water and straight into Tripp’s life.

Coincidentally, his new friend loves going fast even more than he does. Even more convenient is that it is able to fuel Tripp’s ride.

Yes, there are holes in the logic. No, there’s no scientific basis behind it. For those who can’t prevent themselves from being wet blankets, it might be best to wait for the movie to be available at home.

For those selfless souls willing to sit through 105 minutes of kid-tastic action and adventure, “Monster Trucks” is playing Feb. 10 - Feb. 16 at the Lyric Theater.

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