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Letters to the Editor

The real Ernst agenda

I see the Joni Ernst commercial where she accuses Bruce Braley of insulting Chuck Grassley by calling him a farmer.   

Uh – Ms. Ernst – Chuck Grassley is a farmer.   

Why would you say that Braley is insulting Grassley by calling him a farmer? In fact,  you say that you are a farmer also.  

Do you understand that you are insulting your own self and many other fine Iowa farmers? Being a farmer is something to be PROUD of; it is NOT an insult.

Your logic sounds like the pathetic Sarah Palin.  

Bruce Braley has worked to save Social Security, strengthen Medicare and was, of course, a major supporter of the ACA. His support has allowed many formerly uninsured Iowans a chance at real medical care.

From what I have heard, you plan to destroy all those programs. If you do, it will destroy Iowa.

Let us know your plans, or should we say, Koch brothers’ plans for you.   

Iowans are a pretty smart group and we can be talked to like adults. We are quite interested in what the real Ernst agenda is.

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