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Osceola depots

According to an Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Iowa circa 1875, the first C B and Q depot was located about four blocks west of the square on Jefferson Street.

The depot was moved sometime later to the Main Street location. The depot later was moved again by cable far enough west to clear the location for the new (present) depot that was to be built in 1907.

In February 1907, a traveling man had the solution for the future of the old depot, stating it would only take a small amount of space in the valuable paper to discuss it.
He went on to say that traveling men have many friends among the fair ladies of Osceola who meet them at the trains.

In stormy weather, it is hard upon both the men and the young ladies to walk to their homes after the trains come in, especially if it is a night train.

It struck him that the old depot could be repaired and fitted up in a cozy manner so the lady friends could entertain the men there and avoid the difficulties mentioned above.

Some of the good matrons of the city could chaperon the fair girls which would make the incident all that conventionality calls for.

This idea was somewhat of a departure from the present custom in Osceola, but he could see nothing against it and that he would furnish $5.00 to a fund to put it through.

He had no doubt the other traveling men who came to Osceola regularly would also contribute their share.

He sent his name as an evidence of good faith, but not necessarily for publication. The letter was signed “Yours Respectfully, a Traveling Man.”

It had been a settled fact the old depot would be quickly moved from its present site.

In May 1907, the old depot was purchased by J. V. Banta and Sons and was torn down and the lumber hauled to a lot owned by a McNeal family in the south part of town to be used in building of a residence at a future date.

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