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Presenting People’s Choice Apparel

Three children from Osceola — Brenda Reish, Brian Devore and Greg Reish — moved to the west coast to pursue their dream in their early years, and they have worked successfully in the fashion industry for many years, creating and supplying for major retailers.

For those years, they watched how information technology evolved and the Internet became a new norm for American life, including the ease of online shopping. Then, they realized how they could create a virtual shopping and design platform for everyone, especially the people back home who have to travel hours to get to their shopping destinations. Thus, People’s Choice Apparel was born.

People’s Choice Apparel is based on a philosophy that fashion is one of the most explicit and effective means of self-expression, and all customers should have the ultimate freedom of choices.

On peopleschoiceapparel.com, the freedom begins with the level of customization you want. You can choose to simply pick a printed garment from the premade collections as you would do in any other retail stores, or to select a garment and design you like — or two, if you like to mix and match — from the extensive, all copy-written library.

There is the ultimate designing option if you want more. You can pick one of the designs and add your personal touch to it, upload your own designs, pictures, and/or logos for your group or you can create one using the cutting-edge design tool on the website.

Freedom of choice isn’t the only feature that sets the website apart from the rest. With years and years of experience in the fashion/garment industry, they promise to deliver the highest quality prints and full ranger of colors with their HDP technology, fashion forward designs and stylish garments and a quick turnaround without breaking the wallet.

This summer, People’s Choice Apparel is coming to Osceola to celebrate the Fourth of July. They will take part in the parade showing several of their designs and have a raffle to give out shirts. Everyone in Osceola will have a chance to check out the garments from People’s Choice Apparel.

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