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Farm Bureau trivia question results

Recently, Clarke County Farm Bureau and Murray FFA set up a table/display at the local HyVee grocery store. The purpose for the day was for Murray FFA members to see how much awareness and money they could raise for their Operation Feed the Hungry project.

Another purpose was for Clarke County Farm Bureau to give recognition and thanks to Iowa farmers for all they do in growing food to help feed America.

To increase interest in the activities of the day, there was a 10-trivia question sheet for people to fill out. All answers were available but had to be matched up correctly.

Twenty-five people took the time to fill in the blanks. However, the number of correct answers was not high. The information came from Census of Agriculture and Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers. Following is the correct information from the trivia questions.

Each year, Iowa farmers produce approximately:

8.2 million turkeys; 148,000 pounds of cheese; 3.8 million cattle; 1,230 million pounds of wool; 2.1 billion bushels of corn; 13.8 billion eggs; 4.13 billion pounds of milk; 17.3 million hogs; 235,000 sheep; 525 million bushels of soybeans.

Our winners of five pounds of sliced ham were as follows: Mary DeLong, J. Heilman, Shane Simpson, Bev Pollard and Janeen Boswell.

Winners of $10 beef gift certificates are Bart Griffith, Jennifer Pollard, Deborah Moore, and Mary Klein.

Thank you to all who stopped by the display and congratulations to those who got more than one of the questions right.

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