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In the national headlines

We have had some beautiful days in this second week of June. The rains have made Clarke County look like a beautiful greenhouse. That is a major change from news headlines. Media headlines have been hard to read and digest in our thoughts and emotions in the second week.

Recently, we have had two major world leaders showing us their daily workouts as if this there were some kind of competition going on. However, when the leaders were a few steps away from each other, neither one would look at the other and speak. How unproductive can it be for the two leaders of large nations not to speak to each other.

After the White House suggested “dream children," we have had hundreds coming to the United States. Estimated 100,000 this year at the point where they come into the United States, there is not enough room for them. The government has been putting them on buses and moving them to other states or military bases. The cost per child a day has been estimated to be around $225.

In December 2011, our troops left Iraq. Our leadership stated that Iraq was in stable hands and stating that Iraq can stand on its own feet.

On June 12, 2014, the “bad guys” took control of Fallujah, again. You may remember that our Marines fought for Fallujah in April 2004. We lost 48 Marines, who were killed with 412 wounded in the first Battle for Fallujah. The second battle for Fallujah took place between Nov. 7, 2004, to Dec. 23, 2004, with 98 American soldiers killed and 560 wounded.

Now the “bad guys” have taken control of Fallujah and other cities where our American soldiers fought for in Iraq.

Gen. George Patton once stated, “I don’t like to pay for the same dirt twice!” As this has happened, I wonder how do we explain to the families why their sons or daughters were killed or wounded.

There was an American soldier in the hands of the “bad guys” in Afghanistan. It was right to seek this soldier's return home. However, this was only the beginning of the story.

For the past week, we have slowly learned more and more about this soldier, including he was discharged from the Coast Guard in 2006. We learned more about the “the five bad guys” that we gave up for his release.

I would like to believe that the White House knew everything. When you are in the White House, the White House has access to FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, IRS and all the military records.

Perhaps, the truth would have been better served if the White House had explained this at the beginning. The president could have issued a written statement that said this was a very hard decision in a very complex situation.

Could we have some good “weather” headlines about the world situation in our media? North Korea Kim Jong Un went to his weather meteorologist and told them they were “making too many incorrect weather forecasts." He told them they must do better!

Our government has been making too many mistakes. Maybe we need to call Kim Jong Un to inform our leadership in America that it is time to get it right.

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