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Council approves second readings of housing redevelopment ordinances

This plat map of housing redevelopment at The Meadows is located for viewing at Osceola City Hall.
OST photo by AMY HANSEN This plat map of housing redevelopment at The Meadows is located for viewing at Osceola City Hall.

Osceola City Council has taken the next step forward in housing redevelopment on the west side of the city.

This includes the area known as The Meadows, as well as other zoning issues in the city.

During a June 4 Osceola City Council meeting, the council approved the second reading of an “R-60” single-family residential district of the Osceola Zoning Ordinance. Single family means only one family can live in the dwelling.

“Your honor, just as a reminder to the council, this article would create the R-60 zoning district, which accommodates a narrower single-family lot, but the rest of the ordinance would match what we currently have in place in now for a single family,” said Ty Wheeler, Osceola city administrator/clerk.

Councilman Chris Dorsey asked if Wheeler had received any public comment on the zoning ordinance since the last city council meeting May 20.

“Not about the creation of the ordinance,” Wheeler said. “And, as we’ve talked about at the last meeting, this article isn’t necessarily created because of the development that we’re working on, but will be deployed in various parts of the city where appropriate.”

The Meadows, Plats 1

and 2

Next, the council approved the second reading of an ordinance rezoning The Meadows, Plat 1, to an “R-60” single family residential district. Plat 1 comprises Truman Road and the north half of Primrose Lane.

“We’re rezoning what’s currently out there from the multi-family to the new R-60 single family,” Wheeler said.

Finally, the council approved the second reading of the ordinance rezoning the Meadows, Plat 2, with “PUD.” PUD stands for planned unit development.

During the May 20 meeting, the council entered into a development agreement with Kading Properties for the area, which is a portion of land located on the south end of the The Meadows.

What’s developing?

The proposed development agreement for the development of The Meadows, Plat 2, called for no fewer than 42 single-family property lots and the construction of no fewer than 22 two-family dwellings, also known as duplexes.

Kading Properties shall be responsible for the design and construction of all infrastructure associated with the project. Kading will sell the lots for the single-family dwellings, but won’t build the homes. However, they will build the duplexes, including the infrastructure and the grading.

During previous city council meetings, public frustrations and concerns have been voiced about developing multi-family dwellings.

Wheeler has publicly stated the redevelopment project is really a resalvaging project because of a bad development deal in that area 10 years ago with Midwest Homes Incorporated.

Wheeler said city officials were approached by Kading Properties with development proposals to fix the housing problem made many years ago.

While the city council may have approved all of the second reading of the ordinances, they still have to have three readings for final approval.


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