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Letters to the Editor

Elect Ernst

Mark Jacobs dug into his own deep pockets to run an attack ad against Republican State Sen. Joni Ernst for missing votes in the Iowa legislature this past session.

Some missed votes were perfectly excusable because she was serving in the Iowa Guard.

Regarding the missed votes while she was campaigning for the U.S. Senate, and borrowing from Hilary Clinton, “What difference would it have made?” The Iowa Senate has 24 Republicans and 26 Democrats, and if the Democrats want it they get it through party line vote.

Looking up some definitions on Google, I believe this well describes Joni Ernst, “Stateswoman: A woman who exhibits great wisdom and ability in directing the affairs of a government.”

Regarding Mark Jacobs, does this describe him? “Carpetbagger: A political candidate who seeks election in an area where they have no local connections.”

I personally detest the current two-party system. So long as we’re stuck with it, what we need in Iowa  is 50/50 in both houses, and the same goes for the U.S. Congress.

A bit of gridlock from time to time would certainly be beneficial to those who spill blood in military conflict and those who pay the bills. Let’s cast our votes properly so we can get the U.S. Congress in sync by nominating and electing Joni Ernst to the U.S. Senate.

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