Pollard and Company P.C. release audit report on city of Osceola

Pollard and Company P.C. released an audit report on the city of Osceola.

The city’s receipts totaled $9,854,116 for the year ended June 30, 2013, a 29 percent decrease from 2012.

The receipts included $2,955,760 in property tax, $3,682,246 from charges for service, $1,118,469 from casino fees and rent, $535,302 from operating grants, contributions and restricted interest, $313,698 from capital grants, $1,099,859 from hotel/motel and local-option taxes, $41,369 from unrestricted interest on investments, $58,618 from other general receipts and $48,795 from bond proceeds.

Disbursements for the year totaled $11,813,232, a 47 percent increase from the prior year, and included $1,546,448 for capital projects, $1,478,480 for debt service and $5,066,991 for community and economic development. Also, disbursements for business-type activities totaled $2,873,512.

A copy of the audit report is available for review in the office of the auditor of the state and the city clerk’s office.