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The 85th General Assembly expanded opportunities for Iowa’s veterans

The Iowa House recognized Iowa’s veterans are some of the most skilled and highly-trained men and women in the country. 

In an effort to honor those who are already in Iowa and encourage more to come here and enrich our communities and work for Iowa companies, the House led the way in passing the Home Base Iowa Act.

This package of legislation is designed to attract veterans back to Iowa and ensure they have the opportunities they need to be successful when they return:

Senate File 303 includes:

• Military Pension Income Tax Exemption: Fully exempts military pensions from state income tax.

• Survivor Benefits Income Tax Exemption: Fully exempts military survivor benefits from state income tax.

• Occupational Licensure: Directs Iowa’s occupational licensing boards to adopt rules allowing credit for military training and experience in the licensing process.

• Hiring preference: Allows private sector employers to grant a preference in hiring and promoting veterans.

• Plate fees: Eliminates the special plate issuance fees charged for plates associated with military service.

• Monitor credits: Requires community colleges, universities and private institutions to file reports on the amount of credits they are giving veterans for their service in the military.

• County Veterans Affairs: Helps county commissions of Veterans Affairs keep veterans records confidential, as well as improving the policies dealing with the care and maintenance of veteran’s graves.

Disabled Veteran Tax Credit:  Expands the current property tax credit for disabled veterans. (SF 2352).

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