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85th General Assembly: Making a difference for all Iowans

When Iowans look back on the 85th General Assembly as a whole, they will note the policies created made a positive difference for them.

• In addition to the accomplishments from the 2014 session, the 2013 session will be remembered for the historic bipartisan tax relief and reform.

• These measures:Included property tax relief for all classifications of property.

• Were meaningful, inclusive and reliable reforms so taxpayers can count on relief from year to year.

• Ensured residential taxpayers receive as much relief as commercial taxpayers.

• Limited assessment growth from 4 percent to 3 percent on ag and residential taxpayers.

• Included a 10 percent rollback on taxable value for commercial and industrial property.

• Included $560 million in property-tax relief, once fully implemented.

• Enacted a permanent mechanism for the taxpayer trust fund tax credit, giving any overpayment back to taxpayers.

• The 85th General Assembly came together to make Iowa’s schools and communities stronger by moving education reform that offers flexibility for school districts, innovation for teachers, accountability for parents and protection for taxpayers. We met the challenge to bring about real reform that will provide measurable results. We were also able to strengthen the role of Iowa parents, not the government.

• The 85th General Assembly crafted a bipartisan health-care plan that focuses on making Iowans healthier without bowing to federal pressure to expand Medicaid. The federal government attempted to force Iowa and other states into expanding a broken and outdated system. We created an Iowa solution to our own health-care needs. This solution improves the quality of care, lowers costs and makes Iowans healthier.

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