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Watch for equipment on roadway

Spring fieldwork will soon be in full swing, and Clarke County Farm Bureau President Bart Griffith wants to remind everyone to watch out for agricultural equipment on the roadways.

In rural areas, when cresting a hill, just remember, you don’t know what might be coming up the other side. Ag equipment is on the road randomly all day, but the most common time of day for accidents involving ag equipment is between 4 and 8 p.m. Watch SMV emblems and know these vehicles are traveling at 35 mph or less.

Leave at least 50 feet of room between you and them so they can see you, as well. Sometimes equipment must be moved through the city limits as well. Please do not become impatient with them.

Left hand turns are the most common types of collision. Follow these defensive tips to avoid problems:

1. Don’t assume a farm vehicle that pulls to the right is going right. Sometimes it is necessary to line up with a farm gate or a narrow corner.

2. Watch for turn signals flashing.

3. Look for possible roadways and gates that might be the destination for the vehicle to turn into.

Griffith said, “We want a safe planting season, so be extra alert when traveling on country roads.”

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