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‘Depths of faith’

Many of you are familiar with Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah,” a musical piece that has been performed by a number of singers. 

During Holy Week, a friend and former coworker, Barb Wolter, sent me a rendition of “Hallelujah” with different words written and sung by Kathy Mooney. 

Mooney used the structure of the song to tell the story of Jesus’ passion, death and resurrection from the dead. 

My friend took the added step of adding works of art to the music, creating a visual and aural expression of faith that stunned me by its power. 

More accurately, I should say that the video expressed so well the power of Jesus’ life, death and rising in a most beautiful and wonderful way.

I am very thankful for those who employ their artistic and creative gifts to reflect upon the richness and depths of faith. They give the rest of us new windows into the greatest truths and gifts with which we are graced by God. We owe them debts of gratitude for lifting up our souls to heaven in most special ways. 

Even the most faithful believe can become bogged down in routine and need to be reawakened to the majesty and wonder of the Lord’s love.

The video also was important to me personally because it laid out before me the entirety of Jesus mission and the paschal mystery of life through death as a seamless garment — one part flowing into the other. 

Someone has written, “Good Friday is as much about rising as it is about dying. Easter is as much about dying as it is about rising.” 

The Christian message of life through death is a paradox meant for Christians to practice, as well as ponder. 

When Jesus talked about the grain of wheat dying in order to bear fruit, he wasn’t referring to farmers in Kansas. He was talking to those who claim to follow him. 

Faith in Christ Is about having the trust in God to let go — as Jesus himself did. It is about focusing, not on ourselves, but on seeing the face of God in our brothers and sisters. 

The person who places God’s call and God’s commandment of love above all things is the one who truly lives.

The more we immerse ourselves in the teachings and sacrifice and victory of Christ, the more we can journey faithfully and joyfully with him — and share our own song with others.

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