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Mosaic to close South Central Iowa Recycling Center

Mosaic in South Central Iowa is moving toward a more inclusive community model for competitve employment opportunities for the people they serve.

Throughout the last year, three people supported by Mosaic in Osceola have chose to move from working at the South Central Iowa Recycling Center to jobs in the community.

Because of this change in service model, South Central Iowa Recycling Center, the Osceola can and bottle redemption center located at 209 W. Washington St., will be closing May 10.

“Thank you to all who have supported South Central Iowa Recycling Center. Your cans and bottles have helped provide employment opportunities and a paycheck for people with intellectual disabilities,” said Rachelle Williams, employment support coordinator for Mosaic in South Central Iowa.

Mosaic in South Central Iowa is being proactive in supporting people with disabilities and their work preferences. Mosaic staff are recognizing many of the people they serve want to learn the skills needed to work in competitive paying jobs in the community, rather than a sheltered workshop setting.

Mosaic has also found the benefits are mutual for the employee and employer.

Mosaic in South Central Iowa provides a life of possibilities to more than 90 people with intellectual disabilities or mental illness in Osceola and Chariton by offering them the opportunity to enjoy a meaningful life in a caring community and by giving them a voice to their needs. They provide them the chance to make choices — a home, roommate, employment and how they engage in their community.

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