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Kimes appointed by governor to serve on real estate commission

It takes hard work for a person to professionally make it to the top of their business.

Helen K. Kimes, broker/owner of Saylor Realty, LLC, was recently appointed by Gov. Terry Branstad and confirmed by the Senate as a member of the Iowa Real Estate Commission.

She is one of seven commissioners in the state of Iowa.

“It’s huge in my business because it’s really the top of what I can achieve in real estate,” Kimes said.


What the real estate commission does is oversees that the law in the state of Iowa is carried out. If there are any penalties imposed, any disciplinary action, the commission deals with the issues.

Commissioners are, essentially, overseeing all of the realtors in the state of Iowa. They are also aided by state assistants and attorneys.

Kimes said it was similar to the state’s gaming commission.

“It’s basically for the public and the realtors to make sure the public is being treated fairly by the real estate industry,” Kimes said.

She will serve for three years on the commission, which meets monthly. The commission is comprised of four brokers, two members of the public and one salesperson.

Kimes is the first person from Clarke County appointed to the commission.

In the business

Kimes has been in the real estate industry since 1973, and has 12 professional-licensed agents and brokers in her office.

She has served the south central Iowa area since obtaining her license and opening Saylor Realty since 1976.

Kimes has held various positions on the Iowa Association of Realtors state and local boards. She is a graduate of the Realtors Institute and a certified residential specialist.

According to Kimes, she is excited to start her work with the commission.

“It means that I have the respect and the honor of being put in a position to judge my peers,” she said. “… It’s an honor to say that you have the respect and have attained the credentials that they feel that you’re qualified to make decisions on behalf of the state and what that law means.”

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