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Osceola Big Chief FFA award winners announced

Osceola Big Chief FFA held a banquet March 27 to showcase their projects, mingle with the community and celebrate accomplishments. Deserving members received numerous awards that highlighted their hard work throughout the year. The awards and names are as follows:

1. Proficiency Awards: Proficiency awards are given based on member’s Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) records. An SAE provides the opportunity for a student to apply the things that they have learned in class and help build their pathway to a career.

Beef Production- Kaitlyn Boyer

Job Placement- Ashley Jackson, Jake Manternach

Horse Placement- Tiffany McKnight

Horse Entrepreneurship- Keleah Selsor

Natural Resource- Colin Morris

Diversified Livestock Production- Carter Cooley

Swine Production- Weston Brokaw

Community Development- Kooper Brimm

2. Greenhand Degree: This degree is given to members who memorize the FFA creed and posses general knowledge about FFA.

Alyssa Jackson

Caleb Wright

Reed Morris

Rachel Severns

Dalton Larrington

Breana Lowry

Vanessa Bakley

Rebecca Larson

Dusty Willke

Anna Sereg

Alyssa Luloff

3. Chapter Degree: This degree is awarded to members who have invested at least $150, or have recorded a minimum of 45 hours on their SAE project.​

Kaitlyn Boyer

Jake Manternach

Keleah Selsor

Kooper Brimm.

4. State Fair recognition:

Chris Allen

Emily Kent

5. Top three freshman in fruit sales:

Victor Diawara

Vanessa Bakley

Ashton Spidle

6. Top Three Sophomores in Fruit Sales:

Kooper Brimm

Kaitlyn Boyer

Dalton Larrington

7. Top three juniors in fruit sales:

Ann Taylor

Keleah Selsor

Tiffany McKnight

8. Top three seniors in fruit sales:

Ashley Jackson

Colin Morris

Cody Carney

9. Top three overall in fruit sales:

Kooper Brimm

Kaitlyn Boyer

Ann Taylor

10. Contest contestants: The following members have put time and effort into their specific contest. Members first participate at a subdistrict level, and then advance from there up through the other contest levels. Career Development Events (CDEs) help students develop the abilities to think critically, communicate clearly, and perform effectively in a competitive job market.

Conduct of Meetings — Katie Carney, Nick Allen, Alyssa Luloff, Gannon Hook, Gene Schneiders, Fulton Abraham and Breana Lowry.

Parliamentary Team — Kooper Brimm, Dusty Willke, Jake Manternach, Kaitlyn Boyer and Rachel Severns.

Program of Activites — Weston Brokaw, Keleah Selsor and Vanessa Bakley.

Creed Speaking — Alyssa Jackson.

Ag Sales — Ashley Jackson.

Job Interview — Tiffany McKnight.

Chapter Quiz — Jake Manternach, Kaitlyn Boyer, Kooper Brimm, Ashley Jackson.

Reporter’s Scrapbook — Jake Manternach.

District Officer position — Kaitlyn Boyer as Reporter.

Running for State Officer — Ashley Jackson.

11. Academic Achievement Award: To receive this award you must be an active senior FFA member with a cumulative grade point of 3.5 or higher.

Colin Morris and Ashley Jackson.

12. Honorary Award: Each year it is the FFA’s privilege to honor people within the community who have been outstanding supporters of the chapter and FFA. If it were not for the outstanding support the chapter has received from the Osceola community, it could never be as successful as it is today in its many FFA activities.

Heather Stearns

13. Star Greenhand Award: Each year the chapter recognizes a new member who has been an outstanding example of a young member involved in our chapter’s activities. In addition, they must demonstrate the development of a sound SAE program that will someday progress them in their degree advancement.

Alyssa Jackson

14. Star Chapter Farmer Award: The Star Chapter Farmer Award goes to a member who has dedicated a lot of time and effort into our chapter. They also are required to have a strong SAE project and have shown interest in pursuing the degree paths.

Ashley Jackson

15. Chapter Scholarship: Ashley Jackson.

16. Marvin Paul Family Scholarship: Ashley Jackson.

17. Dennis Downing/Robert Chaney Memorial Scholarship: Cody Carney.18. Abbott- Oshel Family Scholarship: Ashley Jackson and Colin Morris.

19. Danny Palmer Family Scholarship: Colin Morris.

20. Alumni Scholarships: Ashley Jackson, Kooper Brimm, Fulton Abraham and Jake Manternach.

21. Sweetheart Candidates: Keleah Selsor, Carter Cooley, Ann Taylor, Hanna Resigner and Tiffany McKnight.

22. Osceola Big Chief FFA Sweetheart: Keleah Selsor.

As the chapter begin this new FFA year, look for them as they sponsor a Thursday Night in the Park during August, exhibit their talents at the county and state fairs and host numerous community service projects throughout the following year.

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