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Letters to the Editor

Restoration Ranch

Restoration Ranch is a faith-based nonprofit organization in Osceola committed to the needs of the less fortunate.

Our board is passionate about our mission. There are many in this community in need of a place to live, job, transportation and fresh start.

It is hard to get your feet under you without the basic needs being met. Our program works with others in the community to provide the spiritual, physical, emotional and mental health needs of each person that comes to us; giving them every opportunity to succeed.

Most of us take for granted our jobs, families and lifestyles because we haven’t been in the situations some of these have suffered.

The last two years we have provided shelter for six individuals and two families out of our home. The results that we have witnessed in these people’s lives have been nothing short of a miracle.

We were just approved for the donation of the hospital’s annex building to help us in this endeavor. It is 1,800 square feet and will increase our ability to meet the need in this community. The hospital will be ready for us to move the building in May to our property for set-up.

The churches, hospital, schools, Crisis Intervention and Advocacy Center and the local law enforcement agencies are always in need of a place to put people who have no place to turn.

This wonderful gift from the hospital is going to benefit the entire community by building up the lives of people who have never been able to contribute to the community before.

By providing them with this opportunity we will be proactive in giving them all they need to be a contributing member of this community. We are hoping to have the building up and usable by July or August, and would appreciate any help the people in this community can provide.

We would also like to thank the hospital for their generous donation without which we would be limited in our ability to reach as many people.

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