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Letters to the Editor

Saddened by Gonzales’ resignation

My husband and I are both long-time residents of Osceola, our parents live here, work here. My father has two businesses here and we have two children who attend school at Clarke. It concerns us greatly as to what goes on in our community.

I am deeply saddened to know that the Clarke School Board accepted Superintendent Benita Gonzales’ resignation. Superintendent Gonzales and her husband moved here, they bought a house and they had the intention of staying here.

It is unfortunate that she felt that she needed to resign so soon after her hire. I feel that our district was heading in the right direction this year under her leadership. The district only offered her, as well as the other administration, one-year contracts. This puts the district, as well as the employees, at risk.

I am fearing that we will have other wonderful administration leave because of this decision. I urge other concerned parents and citizens to attend school board meetings so you can be aware and informed of decisions being made in our district by our school board. The next regular board meeting is March 10, 2014.

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