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City council to have public hearings on ordinance amendments, including stealing from law enforcement

City code of ordinances need to mirror the state’s code of ordinances.

During an Osceola City Council meeting Feb. 6, Ty Wheeler, Osceola city administrator/clerk, said Iowa Legislature has made amendments to the code of Iowa ordinances, and now Osceola must make similar amendments to its city ordinances.


Wheeler said there was a state amendment made to provisions pertaining to public health and safety by adding a subsection that prohibits someone from intentionally removing or attempting to remove a police officer’s communication device while the officer is performing any act within the scope of lawful duty.

“Basically, you can’t steal something from the police officers,” Wheeler said. “It’s pretty straightforward, I think.”

A public hearing was scheduled at the Feb. 19 city council meeting for approval of the amendment to be added to Osceola’s code of ordinances.

Other public hearings were also scheduled Feb. 19 for more city-ordinance amendments, including:

• Amending a city ordinance to state Osceola’s city administrator and city clerk is a combined position.

• Amending a city ordinance establishing city-council compensation and pay frequency. City council members will be paid monthly, not quarterly.

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