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Baumfalk sentenced to three years of probation

A former Clarke Community School cheerleading coach was sentenced to probation Feb. 4 after pleading guilty to the charge of one count of second-degree theft, a class D felony.

According to Clarke County District Court documents, Jacqulynn “Jaci” Baumfalk had an original sentence of five years confinement in prison.

However, the sentence of incarceration was suspended pursuant to the Iowa Code and Fifth Judicial District Department of Correctional Services, and Baumfalk was sentenced to three years of probation.

Baumfalk was also fined $750 with a surcharge of 35 percent.


Court documents state, “During the time period of August 2008 through June 2011, (Baumfalk) did take possession of money belonging to others with the intent to deprive its owners thereof, and/or did misappropriate property exceeding $1,000 in value by disposing of money belonging to others in a manner inconsistent with the owner’s rights.”

Baumfalk plead guilty to the second-degree theft charge Dec. 5 at Clarke County Courthouse.

Previous articles

A Feb. 9, 2012, Osceola Sentinel-Tribune article stated a state audit found Baumfalk at fault for mismanagement of funds raised for a cheerleaders’ trip to Florida in December 2010. The cheerleaders traveled to Florida to perform at the Champs Sports Bowl.

According to the audit report, a special investigation of the district’s cheerleading account from Aug. 19, 2008, to June 30, 2011, identified $10,136.42 of undeposited collections, improper disbursements and a loss incurred by the district related to the account.

The article states the undeposited collections totaled $8,674.14, and included $5,723.14 from fundraisers and $2,585 of payment from parents. According to the audit report, the payments from parents included cash and three checks, which should have been issued to the district but were issued to Baumfalk instead. The three checks were then endorsed by Baumfalk.

Animal shelter

An Aug. 2, 2012, Osceola Sentinel-Tribune article stated an administrative law judge for Iowa Workforce Development’s unemployment insurance department affirmed a decision to not issue unemployment benefits to Baumfalk, a former Clarke County Animal Shelter manager, after she appealed the initial denial. Baumfalk was fired from the shelter in March 2012 for misconduct.

Baumfalk was discharged from the shelter after discrepancies were found in the shelter’s finances.

Rest of sentencing

According to documents released Feb. 4, for Baumfalk to be in compliance with her sentencing, she must actively seek and maintain verifiable employment.

Baumfalk must also execute and comply with a plan of restitution and restitution plan of payment.

The documents state the Law Enforcement Initiative Surcharge (LEIS) is applicable in Baumfalk’s sentencing, which means Baumfalk is ordered to pay the $125 fee.

In other restitution matters, Baumfalk is ordered to pay the probation supervision fees in the amount of $300.

Court documents state Baumfalk was informed of the right to appeal the sentence, and pursuant to the Iowa Code, the bond on an appeal is set at $10,000.

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