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Letters to the Editor

Thank you to those who helped

On the evening of Dec. 28, 2013, our vehicle struck a deer on Interstate 35 North near Osceola, Iowa. We were assisted by several members of your community, as well as fellow travelers.

A special thank you to our heroes for going above and beyond the call of duty:

• Paramedics and EMTs (Tricia, Sam, Shelly and Kurt)

• Physicians and nurses (Dr. Gaylene, Sande and Kira)

• Osceola Police Department

• Osceola Fire Department

• Clarke County Sheriff’s Office

• Clarke County Ambulance

• Iowa State Patrol

• The semi-driver who swerved to miss our vehicle and ended up in the snowy ditch.

• The family traveling behind us who also swerved to miss our vehicle, then stopped and assisted with blankets. Note: We still have two blankets belonging to that family, which we would love to return. Please contact us if anyone knows their identity.

• The numerous travelers who stopped to offer assistance.

We are doing well, other than some bruises and a broken foot. Thanks again to everyone who came to our aid.

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