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A new direction

Council in favor of transferring jurisdiction of Highway 152 to Clarke County

Pictured are the direction signs for Highways 152 and 69 north of Osceola.
OST photo by AMY HANSEN Pictured are the direction signs for Highways 152 and 69 north of Osceola.

Highway 69 won’t be redirected.

Several months ago, there was a discussion between city of Osceola, Clarke County Supervisors and Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) regarding the transfer of Highway 152 into either the city’s or county’s jurisdiction.

The DOT currently has jurisdiction of Highway 152.

A potential scenario that concerned the city involved the “straightening out” of Highway 152, redirecting Highway 69 west to Interstate 35 and proceeding south.

During an Osceola City Council meeting Jan. 7, Ty Wheeler, Osceola city administrator/clerk, said the city wasn’t in favor of that scenario.

“While there would be funds initially, after the transfer was made, received from the DOT for the increased maintenance and the significant amount of work that would go into Highway 69, we wouldn’t see any increase in our road-use tax, which is a function of our population,” Wheeler said.

Tentative deal

The DOT has continued discussions with Clarke County Supervisors regarding Highway 152, and Wheeler said a “tentative deal” had been reached.

“(It) would have the county taking (Highway) 152 as is, and receiving a transfer of jurisdiction fee of around $2.5 million,” Wheeler said.

He added, $2.5 million is not a set monetary figure.

Wheeler said he believes the county will use those funds for highway-maintenance projects as they arise on Highway 152, but not a rehab project.

Highway 69 will continue to be a state highway and won’t be redirected. It will stay as is.

Small portion

However, the DOT still wanted input from Osceola City Council because the city limits cover a small portion of Highway 152.

After a quick discussion, the city council unanimously approved a motion to not enter into the jurisdiction of Highway 152 and give the responsibility to Clarke County.

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