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Clarke students visit fire station

Kathy Smith’s Clarke special education class visited the fire station for a community outing at the end of November.

During the visit, Fire Chief Rod Clark and fireman Ernie Petit, Lexi Petit’s father, demonstrated fire safety and what their job entails for fire rescue and safety.

The students watched Ernie Petit put on his fire attire and oxygen tank, as well as observing what happens when he quits moving. A loud alarm rang to indicate a fireman was down and needed help.

As a fireman was motionless on the floor, another firefighter demonstrated how to grab a strap on his suit and pull him to safety.

The students also had their pictures taken with Sparky, the fire dog. Each student got into a large fire truck and sat in the back seat, just like the firemen do when riding to a rescue.

The class generated their own questions about safety and what to do in case of a fire.

After returning to the school, many students wrote a short story and drew a picture about what they learned while visiting the fire station.

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