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Council approves $3,500 in support of Osceola Wi-Fi Town Square project

Let’s get logged on.

During a Nov. 6 Osceola City Council meeting, the council approved the request of $3,500 to support the equipment cost of the Osceola Wi-Fi Town Square project.

According to Ty Wheeler, city administrator/clerk, the project was brought to his attention by Bill Trickey, executive director of Clarke County Development Corporation.

“The proposed layout would provide Wi-Fi to, basically, the entire business district around the square,” Wheeler said. “Plus, there’s another area, which isn’t on the map, up by the depot. The depot would also be included in the coverage area.”

Project cost

The total equipment cost of the Wi-Fi project is $13,547.59.

The city has a budget for “contributions and donations,” Wheeler said, and providing funding to set up Wi-Fi in the downtown area would fall under that category.

Wheeler said he talked to Trickey and asked him if any other local entities had agreed to help support the project financially.

The county will contribute $3,500, and there are more donations pending from other groups, Wheeler said.

Wheeler said there would be no cost to the public when logging on.

Dave Leonard, zoning administrator/building inspector, said the Wi-Fi access would be an open “guest log-in,” similar to the network access at McDonald’s in Osceola.

“The one thing I’d like to say, and I know, as a council, as a body, we’ll give some incentives to businesses to relocate here,” said Councilman Chris Dorsey. “This $3,500 will, basically, say our square’s open to new people wanting to come in — to the tech-world.”


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