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Letters to the Editor

Growing season comes to an end

As the season very noticeably begins to show signs of winter, most fields and gardens are taking on that bare, desolate look. And, most of what is being harvested by the end of October/beginning of November is corn and beans.

But, look what Marilyn Dorland harvested from the Community Diversity Garden site on Oct. 31. And, there are more out there.

It is still possible and really nice to have fresh produce to put in the fridge and on the table. And, some of you might not know what to do with cabbage, besides slaw. Here is an idea that I have found to be quite delicious.

Depending on the size of family you are feeding, cut up cabbage, grate carrots, dice onion and green peppers and put in a bowl.

Meanwhile, cut into “bite size” some sort of your favorite sausage — I use Kielbasa — and brown in a skillet with olive oil.

When the meat is browned, dump the bowl of veggies in, season with pepper, garlic salt and seasoning salt and continue to cook to your level of “doneness.” It is simple, it is nutritious, it is hearty and it tastes delicious on a cool, rainy evening. Other veggies could be added to taste – such as zucchini, summer squash, basil or other herbs.

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