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Taking the time

Perry Noble tells the following story:

Friday mornings are my sleep in day. So, this past Friday I got up, began brewing coffee and then listened for the noises in the house that would lead me to ‘Cretia, my wife, and Charisse, my daughter.

After playing with them for a few minutes, we walked downstairs where I poured myself a cup of java and walked with the girls into the restroom where Charisse proceeded to brush her teeth.

I gave ‘Cretia a kiss and told her I was going to read my Bible and pray for a while and walked down the hall towards my destination, until I heard little footsteps behind me.

When I turned around Charisse was running after me — toothbrush in hand— and when I made eye contact with her she smiled and said, “Da-da!”

All of a sudden I forgot what I was doing. I stopped, scooped her up and we played for a while. I had to — what daddy can resist it?

It’s a simple story. One that many of us could recount in our own lives in some way or another. So, if I may, I want to make two observations:

First: It is so important to press the pause button on life to spend time with the ones we love the most.

Face it. Life is busy. No, life is too busy. I have a problem saying, “No.”

I’m going to guess that some of you have that same problem. But, when we can, it’s so important to have some time with the kids. They grow up fast. We always hear that, but it is still true!

My son was in fifth grade last week, and now, he’s a college graduate living in another city. My daughter was in fourth grade last week, and now, she’s finished her master’s degree and is pursuing her career in music composition.

It’s important for us to take the time to invest into our kids’ lives. Granted, we may have to miss an event from time to time, but whenever you can spend some time with the ones you love the most, do it.

Second: Just like Perry had time for his daughter, God has time for you.

Here’s what Jesus said in Matthew 11:28: “Keep company with me and you’ll learn to live freely and lightly.”

He’s never too busy. You don’t have to e-mail him or call his secretary to get on his schedule. He has time.

In fact, his eyes are on us even when our eyes aren’t on him. There is never a need or a hurt that bothers him. He always has time for us. Feeling great? He’s got time to listen and celebrate with you. Feeling down? He’s got time to listen and be there and comfort you.

Let me encourage you; spend time with the ones you love, and spend time with God. Those are a couple of decisions you will never regret.

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