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A new meaning for the school ‘Bell’

Jennifer Pollard with Clarke County Extension and Clarke County Cattlemen had live animals at her station during Clarke’s third-grade field day.

Bell the cow was there for her third visit with the third-graders. Pollard discussed many of the uses of cows by having a question-and-answer game about animal by-products used in everyday items.

The students learned cow hooves are an ingredient in gelatin and glue, animal fats are used in many facial make-ups and their favorite ball glove and baseball are made with animal hides.

Pollard showed pictures of several breeds of cattle showing them a difference in their appearance and what each breed is most desired for.

At the end of each session, the students got in line to pet Bell the cow and the small bucket-fed calf that came to the field day.

For several of the students, it was the first time they were close to a farm animal. Bell was supplied by Clarke County Farm Bureau Board Member Harold Fuller and the bucket calf came from the Randy Barnard family farm.

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